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What a Mentor Can Do

WHAT A MENTOR CAN DO:  "My Voice for Change"

My Voice for Change founded in 2014, it provides people around the world the chance to keep a close eye on the globe.  www.youtube.com/MyVoiceforchange


Since 12/12/12 (ABC4All Jamboree) the theme of ABC4All has been "Making The Impossible Possible:  Serendipity Works!"  When this ABC4All TALK was created with that theme, it was not known that from then till a little over a year later that the following would take place:

"What A Mentor Can Do" has been demonstrated over and over by ABC4All Mentors across the world, now from 121 countries.  Because so often what has been demonstrated regarding the creation and execution of projects that may be best described as betterment of local communities, a book in preparation has been proposed with the title, "Making The Impossible Possible."  Chapters are to include submissions by ABC4All Mentors and by Guest Authors.  Because there are so many examples to include, it appears that the First Edition will be followed by periodic editions with an open end in terms of the future series of editions.


Because of the Philippines Typhoon Disaster, an ABC4All THINK TANK for ALL-DISASTER RELIEF was held for 4 hours on 11/30/13, for which well over 50 submissions were received regarding sustainable solutions for First Responder and follow up to disasters when they occur.  A good example is the country of Haiti where 4 years after the earthquake, 200,000 people remain living in tents, and a preventable disease, cholera, continues to claim lives every day mounting to more than 8760 deaths to date.  Despite all humanitarian efforts, this cholera pandemic not only is out of control but has been predicted to be a 20-year siege.

The compilation of the sustainable projects has been placed in a MASTER DOCUMENT awaiting full evaluation and execution on a priority basis as we monitor the status of ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Programs across the world.  To this end, another proposal is to hold an ABC4All DAILY VIGIL to monitor the progress of the global effort to work on the "The Beginning Of The End Of Suffering As We Know It Today.:


Regarding the country of Haiti, a Press Release was issued on 2/17/14: 

The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) and Lifesprings International Association (LIA) offer comprehensive sustainable solutions for global issues across the world.

LIA’s Integrated Environmental Design System (IED) offers a model for sustainable communities (download documents for review below).   ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Program for Better Water, Better World is an initial focus.  Potable advanced technology for water (free) and nutraceuticals proven scientifically to “Improve Health Maintenance”

will become the subject for pilot studies in the Country of Haiti to demonstrate the ability to save lives from those already diagnosed, in this case, with cholera and who may be sick and/or dying from the pandemic.

The joint capability offers a new and unique opportunity to ensure that environmental and sustainable designs and infrastructure will be created with the joint Operational Headquarters located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  The ABC4All / Lifesprings International Association collaboration will prioritize effort to demonstrate the already proven methods to end the cholera epidemic in Haiti.

Burton Danet, Ph.D. states, “The opportunity to pick up the slack where other humanitarian efforts still have not been able to halt the rising death toll from cholera is vital to the survival of many already infected with the disease.  ABC4All, in association with LIA, will lend support to the citizens of Haiti and pledges to keep all funds raised devoted 100% to the country’s needs.  Administrative expenses will be provided by support from independent sources of funding.

Marcel Susko, Founder of LIA is an ABC4All Mentor at the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project: http://projects.tigweb.org/abc4allglobalteam.  “Joining ABC4All provides a global platform that will make a difference across each and every country in the world but especially in Haiti where 200,000 people continue to live in tents and where the cholera epidemic, if not halted, is projected to be a 20-year siege by one expert.  With the cooperation and collaboration established by ABC4All’s 16 years of development, there is a greater concentration to enable expediting the relief needed.”


Included among the submissions was the fact that one ABC4All Mentor, Kate Alyzon in the Philippines, within a few days BEFORE the THINK TANK was held, was able to let us know that already she had arranged for a sustainable solution to be brought to the hardest hit area of her country, funded by the Institute of London.  Thus yet another example of "What A Mentor Can Do" was at hand. 

When Kate posted this picture, it was placed against the background image of the world, and she was affectionately recommended - nominated! - on Facebook to become first the "President of the World (POTW)," and later "Woman of the World (WOTW)!

Nominated, Campaigned, Voted, Elected: Kate Alyzon, President of the World (POTW) - Congratulations! — with Kate Alyzon in Philippines.
Photo: Nominated, Campaigned, Voted, Elected: Kate Alyzon, President of the World (POTW) - Congratulations!

Later, the title was changed to "Woman of the World (WOTW) in honor of the International Woman's Day held on 03/08/2014!


In 2014, still one more example has been submitted for consideration by the World:  "My Voice for Change" by ABC4All Mentor, Mokhtar Omar from Egypt.  Given this example is so deserving of an entry into the proposed book, "Making The Impossible Possible," his innovation is presented in full here.


There can be little doubt that, after over 16 years of development, the hallmark of ABC4All is to demonstrate for the world the potential for cooperation and collaboration by participating parties interested in expanding "The World of A Better Community for All."   Such a project is doable; it can be done in any location in the world.  By doing so, there is re-established "Global Common Sense" with caring demonstrated on behalf of those without adequate water, food and shelter in the world.  Indeed the theme of moving "From the Dark to Hope," is well represented by the original music by Francine Jarry of Rainbow Music created for ABC4All Mentors:  "We are the ones (we have been waiting for)."

To read more about "My Voice For Change," please go here.